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bedo® as an Employer

You & Us = Team!

Chipping in, overcoming challenges, job well done: We don't beat around the bush, we build the version that fits our customer. We're down-to-earth realists, calm, unpretentious, but passionate about tinkering, problem-solving, and variety - and we're really well-trained in that because we're constantly learning on the job! We stand for quality - that's our tradition. Steady and with a cool head, we tackle any challenge.


Who fits in

We are easy-going job creators...

... who pragmatically find a solution without much fuss when no path has yet been defined
... who are satisfied with little “fuss”, the key thing is that we can do our job in peace
... who prefer not to talk much, but to get down to work!

We are specialists...
... and are keen not only to think outside the box, but also to work
... who like to tinker and use our know-how to make things happen
... who love what we do so much because it is also a bit of a special hobby for us

We are looking for forward thinkers with a talent for communication...
... who are not afraid to delve into fields and problem areas that they have no prior knowledge of
... who are highly trained and know the standard repertoire inside out so they are capable of creating something new from modular parts and modifications
... who drive things forward decisively by successfully interconnecting different areas of work

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Our Culture

We're typical North German: down-to-earth, factual, and direct. We're calm achievers, traditionally successful, and want to keep it that way. To achieve this, we need employees today and in the future who approach challenges in a solution-oriented and calm manner. We value those who work competently and focused, without constantly needing to be in the spotlight. Those who have the ability to drive things forward in a calm, thoughtful manner while being unassuming about the surroundings.

Our Values

Join a team that relies on solid experience and proven methods in packaging technology. At bedo®, we respect and value the experiences and knowledge that our employees bring. Here, you have the opportunity to work in an environment that understands the value of consistent and reliable work.

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Your Benefits

At bedo®, we understand that it takes more than just the job itself to keep employees satisfied in the long run. Therefore, we value clear and reliable benefits. Our offer includes stable working conditions, clear structures, and opportunities for further education. Find out what sets bedo® apart as an employer.

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