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Lidding machines of the series 7 by bedo®:

Flexibility and Efficiency for your packaging needs

The lidding machines of the series 7 by bedo® a tailored solution for processing trays and cases without lid flaps. They offer an enhanced flexibility, speed, and efficiency for your final packaging demands. Characterized by their speed, flexibility, and reliability, they constitute a perfect combination and complement for your company.


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Automatic lidding machines / lidders - series 7

  • Up to 20 lids per minute
  • Lid blanks according to FEFCO 0452, 0453, 0458 and others
  • All common corrugated cardboard types
  • Small to very large cardboard formats
  • One or two cutting magazines
  • Automatic format changeover possible
  • Motorised/pneumatic operation

User-friendly and versatile

  • The option of an automatic format change increases efficiency and enables a quick adaptation to different box sizes.
  • To further enhance the flexibility and efficiency of your lidding machine, a second blank magazine could be installed. This option allows for an automatic format changeover between two bases whilst in continuous operation. Paired with an automatic height adjustment, your automatic lidding machine becomes a highly flexible centerpiece in your dispatch area.
  • Our machines can process small to very large box formats, making them a versatile solution for a variety of products.

Robust and reliable construction

  • The motorised/pneumatic operation of the automatic lidding machines ensures reliable, precise and consistent performance.
  • Designed for durability and low maintenance, these automatic lidding machines are a valuable investment for businesses that requires efficient and effective packaging solutions.

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