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Stable and robust packaging machines for a wide range of applications in the non-food sector

In the non-food sector, there is often a requirement to create very robust and secure machine constructions, which are resistant to dust and other material-aggressive substances, for example. Additionally, very stable constructions are frequently demanded when particularly large or very solid cartons are to be processed for heavy goods such as glass blocks.

When processing cartons that need to be particularly sturdy yet securely sealed, we collaborate with cardboard manufacturer in the pre-construction and testing phase, to develop solutions for customers that cater towards their extreme packaging requirements.

Extremly robust und modular

At bedo® we offer machine customisations to meet the individual needs and requirements of our customers. Our machines' modular design, allows for many individual equipment variations and the bedo® packaging machinery are particularly well-suited for the broad sector of non-food products. From highly standardised shapes and containers to very specific requirements, a wide range of packaging tasks can be solved using our technology.

Our Non-Food Customers

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