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Pick-and-Place packers of the series 40 by bedo®:

Precise and flexible packaging solutions

The series 40 Pick-and-Place packers from bedo® - stand-alone or in combination with our case erectors and case sealers, form an efficient centrepiece for a wide variety of packaging lines. Their flexible loading zones allow an easy adaptation to a wide range of outputs and products. Paired with intelligent grouping devices, they complete your packaging tasks economically and with complete flexibility. Their user-friendliness is a result of their simple, reproducible format change-overs and easily accessible machine modules.

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Pick-and-Place packer series 40

  • Processes various case types according to FEFCO 0200, 0201, 0209, and other specifications, ensuring broad applicability.
  • Compatible with all types of corrugated board, allowing for use across diverse product lines.
  • Sophisticated technology for reliable efficiency.
  • Handles a wide variety of case formats, from small to very large and anything in between, making the series 40 a versatile choice for various product sizes. 

Premier technology for even greater efficiency

  • Gentle handling of products during the pre-grouping process, to preserve materials whilst increasing performance.
  • Rapid response to market demands through professional and flexible services around format parts, machine alterations and added functions.
  • The extensively motorized operation ensures consistent and reliable performance over long operating periods.

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