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Our industry expertise at bedo®

Packaging solutions for your diverse needs

Our extensive range of packaging machines at bedo® are designed to transport your products safely to customers, package them attractively for retail or manage the logistics of your products and goods securely and efficiently. Our packaging machines are characterized by their modular design and diverse individual equipment options, making them suitable for use in all industries.

Our wide range of machine types and modular system components meets the needs of customers in various industries.

Numerous renowned national and international companies rely on our powerful end-of-line packaging machines.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide outstanding customer-specific solutions in industries such as the food industry, retail, e-commerce, and logistics. Learn more about bedo®'s industry expertise and how we can meet your requirements here.


bedo® is your reliable manufacturer of packaging machines for the food industry

bedo® has been supplying the food industry with a variety of machines and systems for many years - from the classic folding box, the American Case, to "shelf-ready" solutions.

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E-Commerce, Trade & Logistics

Especially for e-commerce mail orders, as well as for retailers and logistics centers, there are numerous challenges related to handling packaging. These include having to deal with a variety of box sizes, efficiently utilizing storage capacities, automating processes, and sustainably using packaging materials, to name just a few.

Many well-known companies in the industry trust bedo®, because we continuously develop new types and variants of our standard machines to meet the specific requirements of the industry. For example, machines the ability to handle multiple box formats, from small to very large boxes or processing underfilled boxes, all on one machine in so-called ‚chaos mode‘.

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Pharma, Healthcare, and Cosmetics

Our machines set themselves apart by our high-quality standards in design and manufacturing, which offer flexible modular customization options to meet various requirements. This ensures that bedo® machines meet the specific needs of the industry, such as maintaining high hygiene standards, the gentle handling of products, traceability and seamless labeling, as well as managing high-quality packaging requirements, like for example needed for cosmetic products.

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High quality packaging, that offers optimum stability and protection during transport and storae. The beverage packaging today must not only be safe and functional but also visually appealing. Practical handling is essential, especially for a wide range of sizes and shapes. With packaging machines from bedo®, a variety of packages can be securely packed and made ready for transport, whether in small batches or for large-scale needs. As with all bedo® systems, our machinery for the beverage industry can be individually tailored to offer flexibility and meet customer requirements.

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Pet Food

The range of pet food products has significantly diversified in recent years. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and many years of experience at bedo®, we can quickly and reliably respond to all requirements. We offer a wide variety of formats and diverse packaging solutions with great flexibility, to meet current market demands and provide customers with modern looking pet products.

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Sophisticated and safe packaging solutions for a variety of products for the chemical - are challenges that bedo® has been solving for its clients with its customised packaging machines for many years. Bottles, canisters, cans or buckets and many other products in a wide range of sizes have been safely packaged. Special packaging materials for dangerous goods, a high level of automation or special safety precautions are also taken into account in the design of the machines.

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Packaging machines from bedo® are particularly suitable for the broad sector of non-food products due to their modular design, which allows for many individual equipment variants. A wide variety of packaging tasks can be solved, from very standardized shapes and containers to very specific requirements.

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