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bedo® is your reliable manufacturer of packaging machines for the food industry

bedo® has been supplying the food industry with a variety of machines and systems for many years - from the classic folding box, the American Case, to "shelf-ready" solutions.

The international food industry is characterized by a wide range of packaging forms and types. Thanks to our expertise and extensive experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in the field of final packaging for both the national and international food industry.

Our versatile machines can easily handle products with various geometries and properties and pack them into different types of carton constructions that are attractive, high-quality, and efficient. With broad capabilities in a range of formats ranges, format changes can be executed very easily and precisely every time.

Trends in the food industry

The food industry packaging trends are directly related to social development changes. One trend: smaller household sizes - single households are steadily increasing. For the packaging industry, this means smaller pack sizes are required, which result in higher output requirements for end-of-line packaging machinery. It also means smaller batches and more frequent format changes are required.

Our machines are designed so to easily cope with those challenges. For example, format ranges can be individually scaled for our customers and format changes can be done quickly and easily.

Our customers from the food industry

Let's work together

If you have any questions, need support or would you like to find out more about our products and services, our team is ready to assist you with expert knowledge and customised solutions. Get in touch today! We look forward to working with you to assist you with your packaging needs.

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