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Tray erectors from the series 10 by bedo®:

Your Solution for Efficiency and Flexibility

The tray erectors from the series 10 by bedo® consist of state-of-the-art packaging technology. They achieve a high performance and allow a wide range of formats to be packaged. They can be utilised in almost all industries, whilst ensuring economical and efficient packaging. They can process a wide variety of cuts: FEFCO 0452, 0453, 0460, 0480, etc. As part of our comprehensive product line, they perfectly complement our range of lid machines, case sealers, and packing modules. Discover how our series 10 tray erectors can also optimize your production processes.

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Tray erector series 10

  • Processing of trays with stacking corners or suspenders, allow more stable stacking and storage.
  • Compatibility with all types of corrugated board, enabling flexible application across various product lines.
  • Handling of small to very large tray formats suitable for different product sizes and types.
  • Motorised operation for consistent and reliable performance.
  • Minimal need for format parts, contributing to faster and more cost-efficient setup changes.

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Powerful and economical

Series 10 tray erectors are characterised by their compact and accessible design. Thanks to the universal use of servo drives, these machines not only offer high performance, but also exceptional flexibility. The simple and precise format changeover, combined with excellent accessibility, makes them particularly economical - even for smaller batches.

Durable and reliable

The use of state-of-the-art servo technology minimises wear and maintenance, reduces downtimes and maximises machine availability. Our bedo® tray erectors, increase the safety, flexibility and speed of your production and improve efficiency at the same time.

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