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Tray packers from the series 52 by bedo®:

Tailored flexibility for your packaging needs

The series 52 tray/lid packers from bedo® are specially designed for packing trays with lids on the inside. Their two-level operation and the guided discharge system for filled trays make them ideal for packing pouches or tray and products where varying fill levels are required. Their state-of-the-art control panel, a drive technology that aligns perfectly with the other case packers in the bedo range, and wide range of product infeed and product grouping systems, make them the ideal choice if you are looking for flexibility.

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Tray packers series 52

  • Customisable grouping modules, some specifically designed for processing bags, enable tailored configuration for a variety of packaging tasks.
  • Compatible with all common types of corrugated board and the ability to handle small to very large case formats allow for a wide range of applications.
  • Extensively motorised operation ensures consistent reliability and precision.
  • Optional semi-automatic changeover allows to respond quickly and flexibly to changing production requirements.

Versatile and flexible

The tray/lid packers from bedo® process a wide range of primary and secondary packaging such as pouches, folding boxes, blister packs and thermoformed packs. The lid, which is usually positioned on the inside, ensures the processing of robust and stable shipping packaging, even with fluctuating fill levels of the primary and secondary packaging due to the design.

The flexibility in the format range makes the machines ideal for a wide range of current and future packaging tasks.

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