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Wrap-Around packers and tray packers from the series 61 and 62 by bedo®:

Peak Performance in Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

The wrap-around and tray packers of the series 61 and 62 by bedo® are the result of advanced engineering, developed to revolutionize your packaging process. These powerful systems are designed to handle a variety of product groupings efficiently and effectively, offering unparalleled flexibility and cost efficiency.

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Wrap-around and tray packers series 61 and 62

  • Individual packing modules to push, carry or pick-and-place your products to allow for a customized configuration for a variety of packaging needs.
  • Compatibility with all common types of corrugated cardboard and the ability to process small to very large case formats.
  • A largely motorized operation ensures consistent reliability and precision.
  • Option for semi-automatic format changes to quickly and flexibly adapt to changing production requirements.
  • Transparent, clear layout and excellent access to the machine facilitate easy and precise format changes as well as simplified maintenance for very high machine availability.
  • Innovative packaging solutions

Adaptable and powerful

The wrap-around packers from bedo® fold the blank directly around the product, creating extremely compact and stable packaging. In addition to classic wrap-around blanks, the machines also process special variants, for example with reduced material usage, cut-outs, windows or tear-open perforations. They can process a wide range of primary and secondary packaging, from pouches, folding cases and tins to jars, bottles, blister packs and thermoformed packs. This flexibility in format range and case types makes the machines ideal for a wide variety of current and future packaging tasks.

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